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Let's Figure This Out Frenns!

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1Let's Figure This Out Frenns! Empty Let's Figure This Out Frenns! on Mon Jun 11, 2018 5:26 pm

oof-. OOOkay everyone, I have not done this since around third grade since when I was on this warrior cats website so let's try our best Razz. Basically what we'll try to be doing is creating posts like this, and in these posts explain a setting for a roleplay, then ideally the problem/goal for the characters, and then provide the reader with your character, in a way kinda like this:

Name: Pie
Age: over 9,000
Height: 9'66666666666

Ya know ect., stuff just like that. Next, you start the roleplay, which can either be literate or illiterate. But, just for the sake of less confusion, I say we most likely should stick to literate seeing as how this is a forum website n' all... then, if your one of the people joining, by using 'quick reply'- which is located somewhere below the post- you can enter in your characters bio and then enter the roleplay (also, lets try not to exlude and let everyone to feel free to join in whenever they want, just be creative with your first interactions that way  cyclops ) NO taking any control over someone elses character!!!!! That's just rude and frustrating for other people. and I guess that's about it! If you have any complaints or questions please contact me in any way you see fit. Bye bye now!  Wink

p.s please try to only have one oc per rp

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